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Time for a Digital SLR Camera!

I'd like to graduate from a digital point n shoot to a dinky-di digital SLR camera.

I remember very vividly the day I got my first digital camera, in July 2005. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities and added new meaning to chronological order. No longer did I have to write down descriptions of the subject's dress or my baby's expression in my diary, in the vain hope I'd be able to decipher which film photo was taken on what day.

The instant gratification of seeing how my photos had turned out on the viewfinder was a very powerful emotion indeed.

There have been a few drawbacks too - I seem to have forgotten to print out any photos since October 2006.

I tried madly to keep printing and posting in photo albums that are neatly stacked in chronological order on my bookcase. But then I printed out more than a thousand pics one day (uploaded them all throughout the night) and realised that they were all just of the month of May. So instead of having one or two 300-pic albums per year, I needed three albums per month.


It was a particularly lucky day when I lost my first digital baby - it drowned in the new pool. In fact, it Christened it, if you like, for none of us had been in it yet. I had my two toddlers sitting by the edge, me in between, and was madly taking scrapping shots of them about to swim for the first time. All of a sudden, Master 3 jumps in while I'm turned shooting Master 2.

The petrifying silence of those several seconds still chills me.

I saw his face under the water, looking quizically at me, unable to comprehend why he can't breathe all of a sudden. First Second .... I try flicking the camera strap off my wrist so I can reach in and grab him. Second Two ... Camera's unco-operative, so I reach in anyway and pull my son to safety. Second Three ... Shit! What about Master 2? Is he still sitting on the edge, safely? Second Four ... yes. THANK-BLOODY-GOD!

But since then, I've never really come to terms with my digital camera loss. But it sure beats the alternative, wouldn't you say???

Anyhow, what with my Photoshop passion exploding onto the scene this past year, and a whole 'nother world of scrappy/photo goodness to explore, I am contemplating returning to the days of the old SLR. I've got two very expensive ones sitting in the cupboard. Film but. One day I'll try selling them on ebay. Perhaps. They're likely to become antiques before that day arrives though.

So, I'm after a camera which gives GREAT depth of field (I realise I'm in the hunt for a twin lens kit), has a viewfinder, and it easy to operate. Got any suggestions?

Let me know. In the meantime, here is some scrappy stuff I've been doing, amid the terrible catch-up I'm calling my 365 project. Can't show you pics of that - it's akin to keeping a diary!

Thanks for Looking!


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