Saturday, 28 August 2010 6 comments

Not the colour scheme I was hoping for, but it DOES include all the shadowing :)

Download here. (sorry about the delayed link - 4shared has been giving me curry lately!)

And some ways to use it:

Thumbs Up: Credits: Kim deSmet's Home Tweet Home kit @ Oscraps, and Katie Pertiet alpha.

Lists: Credits: Misty Mareda's First Day kit @ Mscraps, and her Long Legged alpha stickers.

Ok, so remember to leave me some lovin' here if you grab - better still, link me up to your layout gallery when you're finished!
Friday, 27 August 2010 0 comments
Friday Freebie delayed ...

Sorry chickies! I've had three sick kiddies and book week stuff to deal with, so I can't upload my freebie until later on. I've made it (made several in fact!) but I just haven't had time to quality check them before they are released to the unsuspecting public!

Hope to have it done ready for tomorrow ...

I've also added in my posts from Jennifer Fox Designs' blog on here for you to grab the freebies, if you didn't head on over before. They are dated 23 April, 14 May, 9 July, and 20 August.

If you are hanging out for some freebie goodness before then, try the giveaway scout for all kinds of goodies. They have just included me in their freebie search engine. Also, Digitally Inspired is another one that has lots of digital supplies, and I got a layout spotlighted in their newsletter this week! Whoop! Whoop!
Sunday, 22 August 2010 4 comments
Hey gorgeous gals!

I forgot to mention I've been posting freebies over at Jennifer Fox's blog, that's why my own is a little neglected! Here's the post and freebie:

Well, Friday again already and the week went missing on me! (Katharyn here). Where it vanished nobody knows, but here's hoping the weekend will bring us all some quiet time to scrap about the little joys of having school-aged kiddies, or the pleasant memories of our own school days.

And if you're anything like me, you'll want to record all the other parts of school life - like catching the bus, afternoon snacks that last right up until dinner time, and maybe the bad stuff like bullying and how it's affected you personally (some little person reading it may just be able to relate and learn from it). I kid you not, my 5-year-old son got his elbow fractured on the bus this week because a 12-year-old was pulling him out from under a chair and snapped it. Oh, the drama! Which reminds me, I'd better take a photo of his sling ....

Download here.

So get your skates on and head over to The Digichick to grab Jennifer's latest kit, School Days.

Saturday, 14 August 2010 3 comments
Whoops! Friday Freebie on Sunday ...

It's using Misty Mareda's Chatterbox kit. Like how I blurred their little faces? I took some time out to play with stuff I knew nothing about in Photoshop and was pleasantly surprised!!! It's fun!

Just mixin' it up fer ya!

I've just started working with a wonderful creative lass called Misty Mareda, at Mscraps, and honestly, there could not be a BETTER CTing relationship to be had in this industry.

This is an extract from her contract: ..."I am a NO PRESSURE kinda chick. I will probably never ASK you to use something. If you like it... I feel you'll WANT to use it. Don't ever feel that you have to scrounge up stock photos to whip something out. LOL ..."

And she goes on to say that if we WANT to promote her stuff on our blogs or on facebook or any of the shop forums we hang out at, then that's great BUT it's not a requirement. And she'll NEVER force us to go through hoops doing enabling, blog posts and the rest of the marketing that is sometimes required by other designers each and every week.

So is this a good deal for people like me or what!!!??? And her designs are on top of my fav's anyway! She likes the whole "paper-scrapping" look that I like too.

So life's good.

And I'm here to share it around:

Download here.

Here's my layout with it:

Hope you all have a great weekend (what's left of it)and if you do download it, please leave me a comment by way of thanks :)


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