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New Release: Justine & Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho!!

What's Santa bringing you this year? If it's some scrapbooking cash, you'll be pleased to know about my new release, Justine!

I've had this kit stashed away for a rainy day, and because I want to have a few little days off the computer over Christmas, I thought it would be good to release it now.

It was created while I was on a scrapbooking retreat in November. I think having so many traditional paper scrappers around me at the time, influenced some of my creations - which is a good thing :)

Introducing .... Justine:

"Pretty and delicate – the types of items you might find in your mother or grandmother’s home. This kit was created full of love, history and appreciation. It reminds me of the thought and kindness that comes from older family members who are wiser and more experienced than you. They have lived rich and full lives, but are still so soft and gentle, and best of all, they take the time to listen to you.
This kit is made up of 12 patterned or textured papers – including one paisley “cut out” paper. It has 45 elements that include journalling cards, ribbons, paper frames, silk flowers, brads and epoxies, floral background overlay, word strips and an inked chipboard heart."

It's available in all my shops from December 24 (just allow the American shops a bit more time to catch up to us, time-zone-wise).

Here are some of the creations my Creative Team have made with it:




You can pick it up at all three of my shops at Funky Playground Designs, Two Little Pixels and Polka Dot Plum.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas!
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Friday Christmas Freebie!

Hope you are all enjoying a fabulous Christmas season!

Short and sweet today, as there is lots to plan, and a hell of a lot more to do!

Available for free for 2 weeks!

This is a template I made up for Scrapbooking Magazine (UK) and is featured right now in their December edition (Issue 51).

And here is my layout with this template which featured in the magazine:

And here are some more layouts that were featured in that same issue:

Here's what some of my Creative Team Members have done with it over Christmas:


(using a Brine Design Arden Mini Kit, available on January 1, 2011, at Polka Dot Plum.)

Thank you girls!
I've also got another one of these templates for you. I'll upload it after Christmas for you to use!

Stay safe!
Sunday, 19 December 2010 2 comments

Scrapbook Memories Magazine Masters!


I have just got my issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine and I've received two honourable mentions in the Masters competition! I'm so happy, because I spent ages upon ages working on my entries and the idea for my double-page layout came to me while I was stuck in hospital going through miscarriage complications. It distracted me to start planning something to work hard at, and for that I'm glad.

This is the double page entry: Wonder What Might Have Been?

It felt good to be working on a layout that was all-encompassing. Required a lot of thought, and planning, and I explored a lot of new techniques. So it was fun, if not a bit stressful (I can never seem to turn on my creative mojo when I'm stressed about rules to follow!) I holds a lot of heartfelt journalling, and I was a bit anxious to have it published at all.

This is my second honourable mention: So the Story Goes

This one also used a heap of supplies, but it was fun buying them!!! Most of the stuff is from The Lily Pad shop. Loved the puffy paint! I might try making some of that myself! It's about Harvey's first ride without training wheels. I loved scruffing up the photo to look like the rough gravel he was riding on.

If you want to see them up closer, I'll upload them into my picasa album (flashing slideshow near the top of the right blog column).

So congratulations to the new Masters, and I look forward to finding a lot of inspiration in your work for the next year! 
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New Release and a Friday Freebie

Wow. You would not believe how inspired I was while making this kit! I couldn't stop thinking about it for days on end - while I was grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school - I was even jotting down a notes while eating dinner and chatting on the phone. To say I was completely preoccupied with it, is an understatement!

This is a Valentines Day kit, but I just could not wait a full two months before releasing it to the world! So, you can consider it an early Valentines bonus, or a general lovey-dovey kit, it's up to you. :) Works either way for me! And just so you know, I started making my own pages with it as I went along - I just couldn't contain my excitement!

So, don't know if you would have noticed yet, but I'm naming all my kits after children's names. I look up the meaning of the name and that gives me a springboard to base my kit on a particular theme. I figure I've only got so many "child-bearing years" in me that I won't get to use all my cool names that I've got on my wishlist! So naming kits is the next best thing!

Drumroll please ..... Introducing Valentina!

These are available now in all my shops. Find the shop links in the top left corner of this page.

And here are my pages:

And I've also got these hybrid gift tags out now too. That's my son and my sisters in the photos, heehee!

And lastly, here's today's freebie: a quickpage from the Valentina collection. Hope you like!!

It is not included in the Quick Page Album I'm selling, so get it here or forever go without!
Available to download for one week.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 2 comments

The Day Persnickety Saved Me

So. The time has come to sort out all these printed layouts that have been sitting on my WIPs desk for a few months, awaiting a home in an album. I usually sort these the night that they arrive in the mail, but this time, events happened (both catastrophic and devastating) that delayed my usual process. And then more real-life stuff happened that made it a hard job to tackle.

This was the order that contained all of the layouts I created when I was pregnant with my fourth baby. I was so thrilled, so excited. I documented it all. I made pre-made albums for its whole first year. I researched and documented its growth stages. I bought up big on pregnancy kits. And then our world came crashing down three months later. And I haven’t been able to look at these pages since.

To compound the problem, my 2-year-old daughter immersed more than half my order in spilt green cordial. For more than an hour. She spilt her drink cup onto my order pile, sitting neatly on the coffee table ready for sorting after dinner. And I didn’t realise until after dinner clean up and bedtime stories were done. So, they were sitting in sugary drink for a long time!

For some reason I must have made a comment about the spilt cordial on my facebook page that night. I received a very prompt reply from a Persnickety Prints representative telling me to just wash them in water and hang them out to dry. Promptly!

I did this, and was very grateful for the unsolicited advice from the “horse’s mouth”. But when I ran out of bench space to dry them off, I left the remainder for another time. I’m talking an order of about 180 12 x 12 prints!

Alas! When I checked the rest in the morning, the remainder were stuck together and ripping the front off the next image. So, I ripped a few faces off a few layouts, before dumping this job in the “too hard for now” file and leaving the sticky cluster for another few months.

Well, I came back to this job last night. Can’t tell you why, as I had a million other jobs to do on my list, but this seemed to be long overdue. So, I started ripping a few more faces off my pages, before I thought – “why not just immerse them in water again?” at least to get the sticky stuff pliable again.

So I did. I didn’t really have much to lose, as I’d figured I’d need to re-order these prints again anyway. But to my amazement, as I sloshed these 12 x 12 pages about in warm water, they started to become unstuck from each other! I couldn’t believe it!! So I got a bit excited and peeled a few apart prematurely – resulting in curled corners – but it actually worked!! I have hung out these others to dry. If I thought some would have a few water spots on them, I immersed them again and hung them out to dry again.

It’s working! I actually don’t think I’ll need to reorder any of them!

I know some have very peeled edges or corners – but I can live with that – as I think the heaviness of my albums will sort that out itself. I am glad this seems to have worked, as I just could not have binned some of these pages – no matter how mangled – because they held a lot of sentimental value to me. I just couldn’t throw my lost baby in the bin.

So. I am not affiliated with Persnickety Prints at all. But I am telling you, they really saved me this time. What was once damaged and unuseable, is now preserved and treasured.
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Funky Days of December - Freebie Blog Hop!


Katharyn here, from Brine Design. I am here to tell you it is a-ok to use templates to create your scrapbooking masterpieces! In fact, you can even use them to make your quickly-bury-it-away-in-an-album-somewhere-please layouts! You know, the ones you'd rather no one sees, but which still record a memory that you absolutely need to pass on ...

It's already December - eeek! - and about time you started thinking of your year-in-review newsletters - the ones you send out to all those family and friends you only ever talk to at this time of year :) You know they love you, as you love them, but when time gets away from you, this is the only constant that remains sacred - the annual family newsletter that will tide you over for the next year at least!

So, here you go. I hope you can use it. It's a double-page Year-In-Review template, made especially for Funky Playground Designs blog readers. Because I love FPD!!!

It includes two 12inch page layered templates in PSD format, and includes all the bits and pieces you see in the preview (title stickers, bead string and shadows).


(You know I'd be sharing my own layout here, but of course, am running terribly behind in this department - but does Project 365 count towards this? I'm up to September ....) !

                                                                        Download here

If you want to hear more of my scrapbooking shenanigans from Australia, plus pick up a freebie every Friday, then just visit me here at my personal blog. Look forward to seeing you here, if not at FPD - the place to hang out if you're serious about having fun this December! For free!

Be sure to check out the FPD blog tomorrow for another fun freebie :) They have them every day during December!

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Friday Freebie: LT20

Short and sweet today!

If you haven't already applied to be on my CT, you'd better get your app. in because I've started sifting through them and I'm so happy with all the creativity out there! It's going to be a really hard decision!

Here's a layered template that I've dug out of my stash just so you can have something free to play with this weekend!

I've added shadows to the bows since I made this preview. Comes as 300dpi, 12 x 12 PSD file. Enjoy.

Available for free for one week, then it's off to my shops!

Here's one of my pages with it.

Sorry to love ya and leave ya!
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CT Call - Get Your Apps In!

So the day is finally here. I need some talented, confident digital and hybrid scrapbookers to join my personnal Creative Team. You'd have free access to all my kits as they are released, in return for posting and gallerising your gorgeous pages made with my stuff! Sounds good, doesn't it ;) 

Details: (If the image doesn't show up on your browser)

Requirements: Layout Team

1 layout per kit you download
Post in store galleries + 2 others
Promote pages on blog/facebook/forums when you can
Keep up to date in our private forum

Requirements: Promo Team

Promote sales and new products at least 3 times per week, using facebook, blog, twitter and enabling forums.
Access to kits, no layouts required but appreciated.
Keep up to date in our private forum.

To Apply:
Send me your name & forum usernames.
Which team you want to be on.
Tell me a bit about you.
Provide links to your gallery, blog.

Send to: by November 30
Friday, 19 November 2010 4 comments

Friday Freebie and FPD Grand Opening!

I am releasing my new kit Christmas at Funky Playground Designs today and am having a massive sale to mark my grand opening! I've got 30% off everything in my shop - eeekkk!! But it's only for a limited time, so you'd better be quick if you want to bump up your stash with my goodies.

*** Keep in mind New York is a few hours behind Aussie time so if the shop doors have not opened - it's because of a slight time difference.

Here's a couple of layouts from me. I have made these into quick pages that are also available at the shop.

And now for my freebie - I've included one paper and one element from the above kit, and some extras that I left out of the pack. Hope you enjoy playing with them. Make sure to leave me some love and if you're keen, send me a link to your layouts. I'll be doing a Creative Team call soon and am looking for talented digital and hybrid scrappers to join my team - show me what you got ;)

This add-on freebie kit will only be available until my next freebie goes live - so about a week. So you'd better grab it quick!!  

I am leaving last week's freebie mini kit up for a little while longer because there was a glitch in the download folder and some people did not get the little birdie. So check your files and come back if you need to :)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
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Tayla Kit Giveaway Winners!

ok. My bad. It's been 7 days since this giveaway competition ended and in the flux of everyday living, I completely forgot about it! So sorry girls. It's been a massive week!

The winners are (da-dah-da-dahhhhh!) 1. Libby Wilko 2.Nat 3. Yanina

Congratulations!! So girls, if you could please email me, I can reply back with your coupon codes for 100% off my Tayla kit from my shop at PolkaDotPlum.

I really loved doing this giveaway, so you can expect another coupon giveaway for my next kit - a Chrsitmas one - from my Funky Playground Designs shop. Soon. Watch this space!
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Tuesday Tip: Blogging

My tip today is don't change something that's not broken!

I am disliking my new website design a lot, not least because the new format seems to squish and distort my images. The link colours are the same as the rest of the text, making them harder to spot. For my own organised satisfaction, I think I'm better off going back to a three-column layout.

So, expect a few more days of website maintenance in the near future. I just can't bring myself to do it straight away. I'm not a tech-head and it usually takes me sooooo long. And I always end up losing something in the switch. Bleh!
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Friday Freebie Paper Pack for You!

Something a little different today. Instead of a template, I thought I might share some left-over papers that I have made that didn't fit into my kits.

All have been created as 12 x 12 inch 300dpi jpeg files. Try saying that in one mouthful! So basically, if you plan on printing out your 12 x 12 inch layouts (which is the standard scrapbooking industry page size) then these will look even more textured than they do up on screen.

If you haven't already, you really should try printing out your digital pages at a proper processor. While I haven't looked around for a 12 x 12 photo processor in Australia for a while, I know that Srapbook Pictures and Persnickety Prints (both American) have some pretty good deals, where a 12 x 12 page costs $1.99US. That's awfully cheap compared to here in Australia. The quality is superb. The paper textures just look so real that when people view my albums, they actually reach out to touch the pages to try to ascertain if that paper really is embossed, or bazzill, or whatever! It's so worth it. Screen images are mostly done at 72dpi. You lose a lot of the detail up on screen.

Anyway, here they are. Oh, and I added a little birdie for you too.

This freebie will expire in one week. After that, you can purchase it at my shops at Funky Playground Designs (opening 16 November) or Polka Dot Plum.

If you want more of this kit, go to my shop at PolkaDotPlum (click for link). It's currently on special - $US 4.19 - that's 30% off! For a limited time.
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Some Layouts to Share

Here's what I've been doing lately - not much scrapping compared to previous months, but that will happen when you stop taking photos for a while!! The lack of photos actually means I've had to extend myself in terms of themes. Scrapping all those little ideas you never get around to. And I've been using some old scanned-in pics as well.

Supplies: Danielle Young Designs @ SugarHillCo

Supplies: SAS Designs @ Bits2Kits

Supplies: SAS Designs @ Bits2Kits

(Comes Out Tomorrow!)


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