Sunday, 30 October 2011 7 comments

9th & Bloom has shut down

Hey everybody,

It's with a lot of sadness I have to tell you all that 9th & Bloom is to be shut down immediately because of an ownership malfunction (! No other way to put it!) regarding Paypal.

Please do not try to checkout with any of my designs, as you will not be able to process it through to completion, and if you do, the download links will not process, and I won't be paid anyway :( It is the same for all designers there at the moment.

It's been a thoroughly alarming 24 hours and I am SOOO not into all this drama and chaos. I'm without a shop for the time being, and it's still too early to announce any decisions regarding the future of Brine Design scrapbooking kits. I'm thinking I'll retire them for the time being, I'm feeling so completely gutted from this.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience you may have had at the checkout for the past 24 hours. I'm still not aware of the full extent of it all.

I'll continue my blog and will announce any decisions on here, or on the facebook page. So stay with me!
Friday, 14 October 2011 1 comments

New Release: Tatch-Its Series! CU and PU

So it's finally time for me to raid my hard drive and get some of these babies out there on the shelves!

For a long time I've been wanting to make up some useful practical element packs that serve the scrapper well in every situation. I'm talking about go-to packs full of staples, stitches, fasteners, tape - you know, stuff that you use over and over again on every layout. Generic in look, but classy in that they add all the realism to your page. I just hate it when kits don't come with something to attach ribbon or note-cards with.

And I know that if you scrap anything like me, you really just stick to your favourite staple, favourite stitching line, favourite button or brad, when attaching stuff. If I find something that prints out fantastically on my page, then that's it. Done. It's my new must-have accessory on every page for the next few months or so (or until I find something better).

So I've made up all these packs, and called them the "Tatch-It Series". There will be a lot of them. I mean, a LOT! There are still more in the works. And just when I finish packaging up a new lot, another idea strikes me down and I feel obliged to provide it, hehe hee.

For the first time ever, I've made up some Commercial Use packs as well. These are intended for other designers to use when making their own kits, or for scrap-for-hire artists to use when making hybrid projects for their customers. So if you're planning on making a profit using these designs, then you will need to buy the CU version ($2 extra). But, if you're happily going about your business scrapping your own memory pages for your own unprofitable enjoyment, you get the cheaper version.

Here we go, enjoy the ride!

 Some CT inspiration ...
 Milmomma (using Dew Indulgence Mini Kit and Dew Indulgence Alpha Set)

MummytoThree (using a River Rose kit from 9th&B)

 Be sure to keep checking back here on my blog for more Tatch-Its releasing soon!
Friday, 7 October 2011 11 comments

Freebie: Monster Mash Blog Hop!

What better way to start out my new store with a blog hop! Woo hoo!

We've got a build-a-kit event happening, where you can snap up some great packs to mix and match your way to a mega kit! I love this type of shopping! Just grab those packs you love, find some co-ordinating paper or alphas, and away you go. Everything is priced really low too!

Here's what I've added to the mix:

And you're still awaiting for something more? ok,ok ....

Here's a little sweetener just for showing up, lol :)

Download from here

Now, I'm the last in a long line of goodies, so if are unsure if you've missed something along the way and you'd like the full list of contributors, pop in to the 9th & B forum over here. All hoppers should have their parts up by 3pm October 8 (Eastern Aussie time).


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