Friday, 30 October 2009 2 comments
It's All About ME.

Whoopee! No one can accuse me of not documenting stuff about me. I noticed today that my layouts have a healthy smattering of information about my likes, favourites, hairstyles through the ages, my wedding, first loves, lessons I want to pass onto my children, and even my childhood memories.

Here are a few to share. If you want a closer look, larger versions are available in the gallery. Just click the icon and my picasa web gallery opens up. While you're there, check out my new Hybrid, OTP and Traditional Paper galleries too.

Daughter & Mother

Sunday, 25 October 2009 0 comments
Animals Deserve Preservation Too!

And I don't mean of the taxidermy variety!

Lately I've noticed how I've developed from being a baby's-first-year-milestones-only scrapper, to someone a lot more inclusive of EVERYTHING around me - hence, a lot more everyday layouts, animal and pet layouts, monthly summaries and even a 365-photo diary!

I know I get a kick out of remembering my first childhood pets, and I'm sure my kids will appreciate the odd page or two dedicated to our own family pets. I'd also like to document my Dad's grazing and farming experiences, especially his skills as a prided working-dog trainer and cattle musterer. Living on a farm for 18 years, the ONLY photo I EVER took of the farmwork I participated in, was one time when we were branding calves. Let's just say, it was for a school art experimentational project, and it LOOKS like that too! And I was covered in a lot of manure, so handling the camera WAS a bit out of the question!

Here are some animal layouts from my archives:

Our late dog, Tate, was with us for 13 years, through university, first jobs, our first home, Valentine's Days, graduation etc. so this double page LO is a retrospective of those years.


This last one is actually a hybrid layout, more of which I'm planning on showing you next week. I created the worn, torn frames on photoshop, then cut them out after printing. I was so hankering to use some new DCWV "Woodlands" paper! And of course, it's been a long time since I've been able to use my favourite little Adorn It! mini letter stickers. I still love the look of them!

And some other recent digi LOs I've dabbled with:

Whoever witnesses a double rainbow?? ....... Me. Lucky, eh?

Most of the supplies here were free from The textures are AWESOME!

And I'm branching out from supplies and delving into - especially Leora Sanford, Kitty Designs (although this kind of fantasy style is only an occassional play for me), Paislee Press (YUMMY!) and Fei Fei's Stuff.

This next one was a story I've told many a time, but for some reason, never scrapped it! I found a photo from that era (we just happen to have a lot of cranky, tired, tantrum shots anyway) and recalled the story as best I could. It's a shame most of the kooky little details have faded now, but the general jist has now been immortalised in print! Yay!

I had to screenshot, copy, crop and paste little sections of the police ribbon off the NSW Police website. Then I just duplicated them several times to extend all the way across the 12 x 12 page.

Still keeping a record of Dana's life stages. Do I have to remind you how quickly it's gone?

Friday, 2 October 2009 0 comments
Why I don't Scrap In Order

Because I don't enjoy it as much.


As Janet put it: thedailydigi

This is exactly what I do. And I even do it with paper layouts. I use up some of my favourite papers or elements on two or three layouts at a time. They are of different children, they are of different time periods, they are about different topics. So they will never be side by side in an album.

And if they were .... so what?

As I explained to Master 4 today, the police come to the scene of an accident to help people, see if they need an ambulance, and to figure out if anyone has done something bad to cause the accident. I don't think they'll chase me up on my scrapping albums when I use my products more than once on adjoining spreads!


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