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Forgot to add in these gems - Anth's doing some home brewing around here in time for Christmas, eperimenting with lager laced with strawberry jam, some very heavy black guiness beers etc. and I am in the midst of creating their beer labels. Take a look:

Lyrics from one of my favourite songs. I am not a fan of Micheal Jackson, and have become soooo annoyed at all the press - after all, he's an unconvicted child molester - c'mon people! But I must admit, his version of this song is one of the best.

A typical day when anth's home.

My beautiful sister and her even gorgeouser little angel Tahlia!

Riley's still an adventure seeker at heart. Even though he is, technically, the most clumsy child in the western world. Perhaps the east too, hey Riley???

Ok, ok, it's been a long time. But I'm really not into blogging atm. I am pretty confident I'll close this down before too long. But in the meantime, just thought I'd connect with you loyal readers out there and show you this project that I've been working on since May last year.

It started with an email I sent out to old high school buddies from O'Connor Catholic High School, Armidale NSW. They began replying in a fashion that - as a scrapper - I could not ignore - I HAD to scrap it! It's an update on our lives aka May 2008. Enjoy.

Copies will be available to purchase from http://www.scrapbookpictures,com/ or I am also attempting to do my first online photobook at and I'll give you ahoy when I've completed the upload process and they become available. Love you guys to bits.

I also have some of these to share - completely random. The 365days project is taking it's toll atm and really sapping any creativity that might spring up in these cold blizzardy months. Sigh!

The rest I have to offer are going to be published in either Scrapbook Creations or Scrapbooking Memories magazines in the coming months.


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