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Cavy Files

Meet the latest additions to our house - Jake & Elwood (namesake = Blues Brothers - a terrific piece of cinematography the likes of which will never be repeated again and can NEVER be replicated digitally) Moxie, Sadie, Abigail, Taz, Cadbury, Frozone, & Milkshake. Our Cavies. Or, if you prefer to be politically incorrect, our new guinea pigs. But they do not come from New Guinea NOR are they classified a species of pig. If fact, you do not want to KNOW their classification as it might put you off. (ala rodent - eww ww!)

Here they are, along with their birth certificates:

If you'd like to purchase a special pet for your home for $15 AUS , contact me via email and I'll let you know when the next litter is due. Not available to post (poor piggies!). Especially internationally!

So, here's what I have been doing in this exceptionally fine weather - motorised scootering, building cages (LOVE this workshoppping with electric tools), bike riding, driving 20 mins to deliver forgotten lunch boxes, entertaining friends, ordering landscaping supplies ready forthe Assault on Summer. Oh, and 365-ing.
Also have started yoga-ing via podcast because my fantastic instructor Justine, no longer practises in Murrumbateman :( But, my classmate Belinda has gone and got her own instructor's certificate and has now opened this studio, and is planning on practising in Yass in the near future! Yay! In the meantime, I'll stick to these - they are free and worthwhile! (Link didn't work - click on "itunes store" then search for "yoga dvd")
Remember the old gaming arcades and hand-held computer games like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders and Pacman? Well, the boys have been a bit tired of the old nickjnr computer games of late, so I found these really cool free online games - check them out, they are a bit of fun on a cold rainy day.
Lastly, here are some of my latest LOs:

Thanks for looking. Cheers.


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