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Coming in 2012 ...

Do you love the little things, but find it hard to remember them when you need to? Do you love taking photos but find it a hassle to get them printed out?

Some of you who have been following this blog for a few years will know I am a big fan of Project 52, or Photo a Day, or 365 - whatever you like to call it. I have been creating a photo diary keepsake every year for the past few years and now its in my blood - I cannot give it up.

It's evolved from the way I first started out, with rigid instructions to take artistic shots once each day throughout the year. Now I just take it as it comes - there's some days when nothing happens and so I don't take a photo. Other days, several things might happen that I want to remember, so I take several. And they all go into my Project 52 album like that.

As long as they all fit on a 2-page spread, with plenty of room for the journalling (I write because I cannot remember one day from the next - how the heck am I going to remember details 10 years from now?) I see fit to call it my Project 52.

I've honed my experience of Project 52  down to several key factors; I mention some of them here, here, here and here.

In a nutshell:
1. Make yourself a template or a set of templates that can be easily customised (or buy some if you don't need the strain!) and stick with them. It gives your album a unified look - especially if you plan on using whichever scrapbooking kits you like from week to week.

2. Don't make it a chore. Set aside a specific time of the week to sit down and do it. Mine is Sunday night. I try and do this week's layout, and if I have time left over, I will make up next week's background and elements so it's ready to just slot in the photos and journalling next week. So work ahead if you can.

3. Take a photo even if it's not the best light or situation - even if it's just to jog your memory when it comes time to write up the week's activities.

4. Give yourself some breathing space to add more photos when you need to, and less on other days. Clip a patterned paper on anywhere there are blank photo spots ;) It actually ends up looking better than having too many photos all next to each other.

5. I will be putting out a Project 52 scrapbooking line this year (to help me keep up too!) and I've arranged it so each month you get 4 layered templates, a scrapping kit that co-ordinates all month long, some little journalling extras that slot into the templates WITHOUT having to resize, and from month to month, all the kits will co-ordinate, but in different colours and patterns.

At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful album to show off to your family and friends. Or to keep to yourself (especially if you've written something bad about your neighbour, hahaha!)

So keep an eye out in my store for my Project 52 line in my store. First one goes up on January 6.

Here's a sneak peek.

Good luck with it, I'd love to hear how you're going with it as the year progresses, ok?

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Zig Zag Scrap SALE 40%

As all this Christmas cheer spreads around at this time of year, we thought we'd spread it a little farther and host a 40% storewide SALE!

So if there's anything in my shop that you've had your eye on, now is the time to steal in and grab it!

Merry Christmas everyone, exciting times ahead!

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Christmas Twinkle Collection: everything you need for your holidays!

Ho ho ho!
I am so excited to present you with my latest collection, Christmas Twinkle!
I hope it has everything you might need for scrapping up your Christmas photos, for wrapping up your small gifts or making your teacher's presents, creating your own photo cards and for decorating your tree!
The Christmas Twinkle Collection comprises:
An Element Pack full of unique and classy items to embellish your cards and pages with;
Two Paper Packs full of stunning 12 x 12-inch digital papers;
Three alphabets;
A hybrid pack to make cute 2-inch circular paper ornaments, which includes patterned paper unique to that pack; and
Three layered templates sized 4x6 inch to make your own Christmas cards (simply clip some digital paper, insert a favourite photo, save as a jpeg file and take it to your photo lab!)

Take a look! 

And looky what my fabulous Creative team has done with this! Talk about inspiring!

 Hope you all have a wonderful, magical Christmas!

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Blog Changes

Just making a few changes around here... There may be a bit on inconvenience as I figure out how to transfer all my widgets and links. Stay tuned ...
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Autumn PotPourri in store!

Just a quickie post to tell you lovely ladies out there that Autumn PotPourri is now available in the store. Thanks for your patience, we've had horrible electrical storms here and our power has been out (which for us also means no water and no septic too, yuck!)

Grab it here.

Thank you again for your patience :) As a token of my appreciation for all the lovely comments about this little kit, and because I had to keep you waiting (ggrrrr) here's a 15% discount coupon for the first 5 customers.
Type in this code at the checkout: patienceVIRtue
Thanks again!


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