Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Back from the Abyss
Ok, ok, it's been a long time since I last posted, but I mean really, who the hell can remember all the different passwords and usernames needed nowadays? C'mon, I found it in the end, didn't I???
A Lot's happened since I last posted:

1. MUFOG - Murrumbateman Unfinished Objects Group met in Murrumbateman (duh!) for a weekend of blissful crafting. I ended up selling off a lot of my old traditional paper supplies during the event. Happy! It paid for a professional massage (provided at the event) and a spiritual reading (also provided at the event, and yes, I can vouch for the authenticity thank you Anne.).

It was great to see so many new people from afar afield as Brisbane. Met a lot of interesting ladies who are equally as devoted to preserving memories, making sweet cards or sewing/knitting special keepsakes, as I am.

The minute I walked into the hall, I knew, just knew, that this was going to be a SPECTACULAR WEEKEND! It all started when a group of about 6 of us in Murra banded together in 2006 to go on a weekend away by ourselves (i.e. without kids or husbands) to CRAFT. Me time. Special bliss that it was. In Wee Jasper, because we needed the kilometres between us and home when we first started to nurture our talents/desires/creativity this way ... And because it cost only $40!!!! (and a specially-purchased can opener)

It was a great weekend, and I look forward to the next one, thanks for organising Chantal.

2. My sister's wedding

Nice. Outdoors. On a boulevard extending out into the ocean at Maroochydore, Queensland. Very, very nice. Some pics (touched up a bit with photoshop of course!):

3. My birthday, My daughter's 1st birthday and my oldest son's 6th borthday.
All events. All documented in LOs already. Very pleased to finally have some pictures to compliment my stories. I'm 34, Dana's 1, Harvey's 6. Crap, where's all the time gone? I've still got to put pen to paper and write their birthday letters though.

4. Reunion with my school buddies from highschool.

It was fantastic to see everybody in their mothering roles now. We're all really the same. Just different (as in more responsible, stern, strict and busy!). I vouch for catching up with old girlfriends this way - it's part of my 2009 goals to keep in touch with these low maintenance friends whom expect nothing, but give everything. Thanks guys.

5. More, more more, but I'm too tired to recount it now. Gotta get some sleep because DH is away for 3 months and I'm it on the home front. All I can advise is STRICT timetable, routine, whatever you want to call it, and I'm even getting them all to bed by 7pm - B-L-i-s-s. Bliss. Bliss. My friend Gen gets hers to bed at 6:30pm. See, it pays to be regimented when your doing it on your own!

Thanks for looking (not much to show becauseI've got my 365 photo diary project up to date - YIPPEE!)


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