Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Scrapping has Changed Me & DT Call & Blog Party

Hello fellow lurkers, late-night scrappers, and friends. I've been thinking this scrapping stuff has certainly changed the way I live my life. Three years ago, while I still had the urge to record our family's memories and "savour" every moment I had raising my child, little did I know it would influence so much of my daily life nowadays.

I have made lots of new friends - INTERNET friends - errr, three years ago I would have thought this was a bit creepy...

I have fulfilled my goals to get "caught up", to "get published" and to "get on a design team".

It has reinforced my desire to change careers, into a graphic design field rather than keep with news journalism.

It has given me the foresight to plan & dress children according to what colour scheme I plan the next layout to be (!!)

It has even provided me & my family a new place to holiday, after I read how good the desitination was in a fellow scrapper's holiday layout.

Most of all (and there are many more reasons, but I don't want to bore you silly) it has developed a sense of self in me - that I have a mission, a purpose, an express desire to "save our lives" on paper. To record our memories, yes, but also, to live life in a way that is worth recording. It gives me a sense of calm to know that if anything ever happened to me, my children would know how much I loved them, and they would never need wonder what their first word was, or what happened on their first day of school.

It has also given me a hobby that I'm so extremely passionate about that it infiltrates every other aspect of my daily routine. It's furthered my photography skills, journalling skills, dedication skills, competitive edge, home management & organisation, home decor; all in an environment that is positive and rejuvenating and so, so rewarding.

It sounds so awfully drippy, but it has produced a "calm" in me, as Thelma would say in Thelma & Louise. I've found my place in the world.

Anyway, if you are reading this and still hesitating about whether or not to get into the craft, then ... poo to you :P

Onto more exciting things, Emily Powers has put out a DT call, to be announced January 18. Check out the details here.

Here is my entry. Good luck to all who take the plunge and give it a go!

This is made using mostly Emily Power's Funky Love Song kit at Oscraps.

Oh, before I forget, I am participating in my first ever blog party celebrating Kaisercraft's Q3 magazine release ('cause it's been under such rigorous lock-up!). I'll be on call to answer any question you may have about scrapping, journalism, stay-at-home-mothering, guinea-pig breeding or star wars:clone wars that you may be busting to talk to me about, from 8pm here. See you there.

Kaisercraft blog party promo: "Basically, the gist of the night is combining promotions for our Q3 collections with our January digital ranges – features include:

• A sneak peek at the Q3 magazine and the six new paper ranges (Made With Love, Shaken Not Stirred, La Di Da, Devonshire, Gypsey Sisters and Peachy Keen),

• Inside gossip from Kaisercraft designers about new product collections and inspiration for our Jan digital collections

• Giveaways

• A live chat with the Kaiser design team via the blog (http://www.kaisercraft.net/blog/live-chat/)

• Challenges etc "


Sandra said...

Wow, Katharyn! You exactly put in words how I feel about scrapbooking! I feel completely the same way too! It is good to know I'm not the only one who's hobby is influencing daily life so much..of course, I knew already, but it is so good to read it over and over again! Thanks!
And good luck with your DT call entry.

Anonymous said...

love that kit! You layout loves great with it.

Katharyn said...

thanks Sandra!

leah said...

Lovely layout!! A little late to give good luck wishes, but anyway! ;)

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