Monday, 8 February 2010
A Crop Night & Tooth Fairy Boxes

Morning all. Each first Friday night of the month a group of local friends and I meet up at someone's house and we have a crop together. Some do cards, some do stamping, a couple to quilting and embroidery. I've even turned up with my socks to sort - anything goes, as long as it's a job you've wanted to finish and it can be done in the company of good friends.

I used to go all out for these nights, organising and preparing to do about 20 layouts in the night. Then, when I turned to the dark side and went digital, I used to lug my laptop and EHD and got a lot of photo-sorting and pages done. But now, since I've changed back to a desktop, it's kind of hard to take to a crop.

So it was back to the sticky-hands type scrapping for me, which I like doing every so often when I've set aside enough time to enjoy it. I started and completed two tooth fairy boxes for my sons, who are on the cusp of losing their first teeth.

I bought and downloaded a tooth-fairy specific digital kit from here. I also had some tooth-specific patterned papers from Anna Aspnes here.

Then I raided the cupboard for some approriate tins to recycle. After measuring them up and resizing my digital papers to match (and adding a few digital embellishments and stitches), I printed them out on Stampin' Up Whisper White smooth cardstock. The ink didn't bleed, so all's well.

Because I had two different shaped tins, I changed the background stitching from a square, for Harvey's square tin, to a circle of stitching for Riley's round tin. I then cut them out with my trusty ol' Kolozzle knife and template (do they even still sell those??)

Then it was just a case of cutting and sticking and adding some ribbon or jewels (yes, boys DO love jewels too!). Done. And the best part is that the boys couldn't wait to see them the following morning!

Incidentally, since I already had this table cloth out to use as a photography background, I threw it on the kitchen table and when my DH returned home, he remarked on how "clean" the house looked. That's the power of the 1950's type house keeping ;p


Maria said...

Love this idea!! It's good to have more Aussies around in the Digi Scrap area. :-)

Maria (from CraftCrave, I just added your beautiful blog)

Leanne said...

Love this tin - awesome.
I had to laugh at your comment on my blog. No sheis not my stepdaughter. She is all mine, oh and her dads :-). I am well and truly in my 40s and feeling it more and more each year LOL

xx Leanne

Katharyn said...

well, I just don't believe it Leanne. Thanks too, Maria!

pubcleanscrap said...

wonderful work !!! waaaaa

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