Monday, 15 February 2010
New CT Team, Published Layouts and your Template Layouts

Ok, just returned from playgroup, where I yelled my lungs out singing "Grand Ol' Duke of York" amid the din of tamborines, clarinets, cymbols, maraccas etc. skillfully hammered by about twenty 1-4 year-olds. But it was my out-of-key singing which gave the rest of the parents a severe headache!

Thank you to all the lovelies who emailed me the layouts they created with my freebie template as a base. Here is the original layout that inspired the template. It's by Tara, who has lots of awesome layouts & challenges here.

This is Melissa's, who is just getting into digital scrapping and is picking up the skills sooo quickly!

So far this template has had 35 downloads and the one before that has had 90, so I'm very pleased with myself atm because I would looove to entice some more Aussies to "the dark side". And seeing as there are actually some people using them, I'll definitely be posting more freebies in the future. It's all good.

Here's Brittney's using the earlier template. Both are still available to download if you want to give them a try.

In other news, I'm on another Creative Team - for e-scapeandscrap. Do you remember when you used to dream about being invited to a toy store or a lolly shop and being told "you can have everything you could possibly want" ... well, I HAVE IT! I have complete access to everything in this store here. I'm dying to go on a creative bender with all this scrappy goodness!

Here's my intro page

Lastly, want to toot the advantages of buying the latest Scrapbook Creations magazine - it's a great size, the featured layouts are nice and large so you can scan over every single details and read the journalling, and because I"M IN IT! Twice. So get to it! Issue 75.


Kerry-Ann Cowan said...

well done love....i have had it sitting on the coffee table for the last week but have been in bed with the back playing up again and hadnt read it....getting the kids to get it for me now so that i can have a sticky!!!!! congratulations....

Katharyn said...

thanks Kerry-Ann! Hope your back improves, I'm begging you to TRY YOGA - if fixed me right up.

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