Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lots of Inspiration Happening!

I kid you not - it snowed here on the weekend! Springtime Snow! It didn't settle as it's been raining endlessly, but it was still fun to catch a few sprinkles and take a few snapshots of the boys running around like lunatics in it! And I finally have a chance to use some of the snow kits I've got in my stash! Yay!

Right now I'm inspired by the oncoming warmer weather. Getting my house and home in order so regular maintenance issues such as laundry and tidying is a lot easier for everyone involved. And I'm working on the part of getting others involved - especially the boys. I'm inspired to see how well Harvey has taken to his new chores. He actually looks forward to the responsibility of feeding the animals each day. He doesn't have to be reminded to do his jobs, like, ever. Riley, on the other hand, is a lot less enthusiastic. He just wants to play on the computer, because he's discovered the wonderful world of the Penguin Club and Moshi Monsters.

Anyway, I said I'd fill you in on my layouts - of which there are many. So here they are. Credits for the products I've used are just a click away if you need them. Enjoy.

Nana Brine's Ride: credits

Fall: credits (Jennifer Fox Designs Funklicious)

Kissed: credits

Thank You: credits

Helping Hands: credits

Devil Child: credits coming (released in November 2010)

You Had Me At Hello: credits

She Loves To Talk: credits

Master Chef: credits

Calendar Months: Riley credits (coming - released 1 November)

Thankful: credits

Harvest: credits

Mine!: credits (coming)

Jac's Wedding Photobook: credits (shhhh! Christmas present alert!)

Anyway, I'm sure there are heaps more that I haven't spotlighted here in the main part of the blog. But you are welcome to come check out everything I've made by clicking on the flashing Picasa galleries up in the top right of the page. 


Helen said...

yikes girl! These pagers are amazing! And how bloody cold was it on the weekend! Heater kicked back on here too! Will this winter never end? Have a great week Kathy!

Romy said...

Hiya Kathy!! I stumbled upon your place: great, fun design!!!

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