Thursday, 4 November 2010

My Very Own Grand Shop Opening!!!!

The day is finally here!!!

I can tell you all what's got me sooooooooooooooo excited that I can't eat, sleep, think or snort without thinking of new scrappy ideas to implement!!!

You know how a few weeks back I said everything was all happening at once? Well, the time has come to reveal just what!

I am about to open up shop!

I have been accepted as a designer at Funky Playground Designs and Polka Dot Plum. Both are places that I’ve shopped at quite a bit previously, and I am so thrilled to become a part of all the action there! Do you know how fascinating and inspiring it is to be working alongside such fabulous designers and Creative Team Members? My mind just boggles!

So I’ve been doing a lot of creating behind the scenes and have come up with a few different kits to launch at each opening. And of course, I’ll also be selling my templates that have expired as freebies.

Now before you freebie lurkers start to panic, I’ll still be offering freebies each week – besides being a fantastic marketing and exposure tool for newbie designers, it also lets me give back to the industry that has rewarded me with so much. I just feel exceptionally lucky to have found a second career that I love doing and am soooooo passionate about!

You will be able to purchase my kits here at Polka Dot Plum from Sunday (November 7 AEST),  and here at Funky Playground Designs from November 16. My designer name is Brine Design.

So, now for an unveiling!

Tayla: A general Girl Kit

Buy it here from November 7!

And here's what the gorgeous PDP creative team has done with it already:

And because I'm so excited about this, I'm going to be giving this kit away to 3 people. All you have to do is leave a comment. For additional entries, you can blog about it yourself, Tweet about it or Facebook it (or all three if you are keen!!!) and come back here each time and provide me with the links in the comment section (so I can check it out). You have until Wednesday 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time to get your entries in. Easy, hey? I will announce the winners on my blog and email them with a store coupon to download my full kit. So make sure you check back - especially if you comment as "anonymous" (!!)

Now, I'd better get back to work on the rest of the kits! Not long to go now ....
I’ll be coming out with something new every two weeks. So thank you to all of you who are sharing my journey into another career, and I appreciate all your support and attention! Now. Go spread the word!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the new shop!

Thanks for the chance to win the kit, I'd love to use on my neices pages... both pink addicts :-D

I'm Guessing you mean the Rak is on til Wed 10th ?

Nice to have an Australian finishing time :)

Cris Caexeta said...

Thanks for the chance!

terese said...

sweetiee!!! congrats! oooo! the kit you´ve given me to play with - i haven´t forgotten about it. i just haven´t had my harddrive with my pictures because we´ve been moving- LOl!!! NOW it´s here beside me though ;-) Soooo exciting this is - I know, you know ;-) on saturday you´ll see where I´ll be hanging around ;-) wohoooooo!!!! so fun! lots of hugs!

Yanina said...

Congratulations! The kit is very cute. Thanks for the chance.

nina said...

Congratulations and Good Luck !

Angie Hinksman said...

Congrats Kathy!


Nat said...

Congrats! I have been following your blog for awhile and you deserve all the recognition you have been getting lately. I'm sure the shop will do fantastically well! Nat

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