Thursday, 11 November 2010

Some Layouts to Share

Here's what I've been doing lately - not much scrapping compared to previous months, but that will happen when you stop taking photos for a while!! The lack of photos actually means I've had to extend myself in terms of themes. Scrapping all those little ideas you never get around to. And I've been using some old scanned-in pics as well.

Supplies: Danielle Young Designs @ SugarHillCo

Supplies: SAS Designs @ Bits2Kits

Supplies: SAS Designs @ Bits2Kits

(Comes Out Tomorrow!)


Romy said...

you call this "not much scrapping"? lol
and I don't think your layouts "suffer" because of lack of photos! :-)

terese said...

love your pages! you are busy!!!! sweet freebie too! thanks! hugs

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