Friday, 11 February 2011

Grab Bag Mania!

It's birthday time at Two Little Pixels and to celebrate three years of digi scrapbooking excellence, we designers have made up a heap of grab bags for you to purchase for only $4 each! There are so many goodies in this collection, which makes the price sooooo unreasonable, but anyhoo ...!! {It's definitely a steal for you guys!}.

Eeeek! I know it's a "grab-bag" so, technically, you are meant to buy it on good faith alone, the assumption being that there will be lots of extraordinary goodies in there for you. But can I give you a really blazen sneak peek? In my grab bag alone, I've included these new, exclusive kits:

Ever feel like making a non-photo layout? Well, these shadowboxes are the go. I made them for you to print out and put on your wall (you have the option of embellishing them more yourself if you want to) so that you may create gorgeous pages in a calm, peaceful environment. Of course, they would look pretty darn impressive on your kitchen or dining room wall too, you know. They have been saved at high-resolution so they print out as perfect enlargements. I think they'd look even better if you inserted them in a real-life white enamel frame too. That matt-on-matt look is really in at the moment. Anyway, they are little sayings to remind you of what's important.  

Boring name. Not so boring product. I have visions of these little itty-bitties being placed on layouts with a clean background to create a kind of circular patchwork quilt-type look. But seriously, who am I to tell you what to do with them? I am really looking forward to how you guys put them to good use, on a layout page, on your journal cover, on your 365 Challenge booklet, on a hybrid OTP. There are no limits with these guys. 

Getting back to making more templates, as this is what many of my fans/followers (gosh, I say that in the most humble tone) first started out with. These three 12inch square templates come in PSD and TIFF format, and include shadowing and additional elements as per preview (which you can turn on or off as you fancy).

Lastly, this alpha. Looks so simple, but let me assure you, it probably took the longest to make out of all this collection!

So, that's what? About ($3.99 + $3.99 + $3.99 + $2.99 = $14.96) nearly $15.00 total for only $4 bucks???!

But take note, the grab bag sale is only running from 11 - 18 February. After that, these items will be available at their full individual prices in store.

A reminder too, that all of these co-ordinate with the free Two Little Pixels blog hop Reflection kit.
Cool, eh?

Here are some pages completed by my wonderful Creative Team.



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