Friday, 4 March 2011

Hammer Time made Sexy!

My husband is really great at this handyman thing. He can fix drains, pipes, build sheds, build garden pergolas. He loves being outdoors and even does his own roofing, despite being wildly afraid of heights. I {heart} that he built my guinea pigs a massive fox-proof metal mansion complete with roof and in-wall insulation and an exercise ramp. He also installed taps all over our property - do you know how time-consuming it is lugging buckets of water to all your newly-planted trees? He has a constant tan on the back of his neck, and just above his undie-line on his back. I think this makes him extra sexy...

So what the hell has this got to do with scrapbooking? Well, today I'm releasing my very first collaboration kit, and it's all about your own Mr Fix It.

I teamed up with Amada Carlson, from Funky Playground Designs, to create something that you could scrap your man with. Any man will do, the one who usually helps you out with stuff around the house (brother? dad? uncle? boyfriend?) or even if you have a little man who enjoys getting his hands dirty!

Check it out:

It will be in Amanda's shop at FPD, and my shop at 2LP.

And here's some inspiration from my team:

oooh! eerr, how'd that get in there?

I mean, THIS is inspiration from the team ...


ve lomba




Cheryl's uses my Spritz templates too!






Happy scrapping!


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