Friday, 10 June 2011

New Release: Penelope Bundle

Know what the gorgeous name Penelope means? It is Greek for "Dream Weaver". Don't you just love it! If you are one of the lucky ladies to own that name, you can pick up a further discount coupon to buy this kit today. Just leave me a message on my blog here (this post please) with a link back to your profile, so that I can verify your name, Penelope.

Fun, huh? Wonder how many of you are out there...

Introducing Penelope, a kit about daydreams.

Here at FPD and 2LP

Penelope Element Pack

Penelope LT50

Penelope Solid Paper Pack
Here at FPD and 2LP

Penelope Paper Pack
Here at FPD and 2LP

Penelope Silk Bouquet

At FPD & 2LP

Do you want some inspiration? Here's what my fabulous Creative Team did with it!
In no particular order ...





Aren't these adorable? I thought maybe a coffee table setting in a basket, or a kids bedroom mobile - it's such a funky little design, truly inspiring! She calls them Large 0-Calorie Strawberries!


This kit, and all the separate pieces, are on sale for 20 per cent off for the weekend.


Pene said...

Hi Katharyn, I decided to google my name today and your lovely pack came up. I've only done a little bit of scrapbooking with my 9yr old. I make kids accessories and am working on a little website to put them up on. I don't get called Penelope these days, except by my best friend. My last name is Element so it was fun to see something named after me. All the best.

Katharyn Brine said...

Hi Pene,
Congratulations! I want to give you a coupon, but I need you to supply me with your email address. Can you send me one at thank you!

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