Tuesday, 5 January 2010
Twenty-Ten: Bring It On!

Welcome back in the new year. I've decided I'm going to call it "twenty-ten" rather than "two-thousand-and-ten" because it's shorter, simpler to say, and different from the way I've been saying it for the past ten years. How 'bout you?

I've set my goals, and yes, they have already been scrapped! I have been running out of photos to use for my Kaisercraft assignments, so I've needed to get creative with journalling instead.

Not too much scrapping got done over Christmas, as I was busy boozing & socialising, with many a late night and sleep-in (if you can call it that with 3 kids  screaming about the house waiting to be fed & let loose!) I have discovered Midori and Malibu again. And of course beer.

I did, however, treat myself to a big digi spend-up. And now my downloads folder is so full it's going to take me the whole year to tag all my new supplies so I can find them when I need them.

Oh! Almost forgot to announce this: I have completed my 365 project! Yes. It's just getting the finishing touches and I must say, I'm keen to do it all over again this year. I found my rhythm works best when I let myself have a week's worth of photos and journalling just about those ones which need explanation. So they are usually multi-photo two-page spreads. And I love going back through the earlier ones. Lots of details I'd already forgotten. It's a great keepsake and I'm glad I did it.

Here are a few layouts using my new stash of supplies:

A circular layout which I'll print had cut out by hand (!). It uses lots of stuff from Creashens. at catscrap.com.

Michelle Martin's devine Luisa kit @ designerdigitals.

2010 Goals uses Kaisercraft's Penny Royale kit.

Sickly Sweet uses Kaisercraft's new Candy Shoppe megakit.

Ninie Designs at The French Frog website. It's closing down so I grabbed a massive load of fantastic, quality goodies.

Another Kaisercraft Candy Shoppe layout.

Guinea Pigs: Most of the supplies are by Vinne Pearce at Oscraps.

Another Kaisercraft Penny Royale layout.

Fei Fei's Stuff at Oscraps.


Sandra said...

I love all your layouts! They are so beautiful!
And I know about running out of pictures...having the same problem...

Brittney aka Milmomma said...

First off, LOVE your layouts, they all are so beautiful!
Second thanks for stopping by my blog! It was the song I walked down the isle to ;) and this will be our 5th anniversary, so its a surprise for dh. I've got the melody down, I'm getting it down pat to add the harmony line. (He got me a keyboard as a coming to Korea present.)

Candice McLean said...

love your latest layouts!

Katharyn said...

I'm sorry, I think the last layout is in fact using Fei Fei's supplies, not Paislee Press. I love them so much I get them both mixed up!

Radka said...

Beautiful scraps, have a nice day Radka.

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