Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Project 52: January Collection

So the moment has finally arrived - the unveiling of my Project 52 collection! If you haven't already been to check it out, then click here to visit my shop.

Project 52 is what YOU want it to be - it can mean taking one photo a week and creating a layout based upon that photo, or it can mean taking copious photos all week and documenting them in your journalling and layout. Don't be bogged down by rules, it works so much better if you find a method that suits you. I guarantee your family will be grateful for anything!

With that in mind, I've tried to cater to a few different methods (my own included) by including a series of four templates for you to use through the month. You can choose to use the same one over and over again, or you might want to mix and change it up each week. Some weeks you may have a lot of photos (especially if there was an event on!) and some weeks you may have just the one photo that deserves to be enlarged for all to see. 

With my papers, I've included 20 - yes 20! - digital papers for you to choose from for the month. They include solid colours, which I find work best behind multiple photos so you don't distract and create a visual frenzy! But there are also a lot of patterned papers for those who love variety and pop. They also make for a great stash-builder!

The journal packs include all that you might require to document your week - journal cards of various design and shapes, attachments such as stitching, staples or brads, and other little extras such as stickers, calendars, date brushes or overlays that add that special something.

Each month I'll also do an element pack add-on which can be used throughout the whole year as you collect more Project 52 packs from my line.

I've sized the journal cards to match the templates in the set, so those of you who are beginners can easily slot the cards in over the top of the template mask without the need to resize.

There are also drop-shadows included on the templates for those times when you get behind and feel like you're pumping out pages in a hurry - drop shadows can be time-consuming and sometimes you just need to have them already done for you! You can turn the shadows invisible if if you wish to make your own.

There will be a new pack coming out each month, in a different colour scheme but which works well with the other packs in the series - so your end product will produce a cohesive and unified Project 52 album.
Project 52 January Collection
Project 52 January Journalling Pack

Project 52 January Paper Pack

Project 52 January Template Pack

Project 52 January Add-on: Sticker Set

For those of you just toying with the idea, I have some other templates that you can use over and over again, just like I did in 2010 (and probably will do again in 2011).

Project 52: Every Week Layered Template

Or you just want some stickers and title word art to add to your own project...

And here are some gorgeous layouts from my superb Creative Team (pssst, watch this space for a CT call soon, as I am keen to add to my talented team!)


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