Friday, 17 February 2012

New Release: Something for your gamers!

I know, I know, I shouldn't let them slouch around the house on these things, but c'mon! A girl's gotta find something to occupy them while I scrap, lol!

Do you have gamers at your place? Why not record the technology while it's still around - it progresses so fast these things will be outdated in 5 years time! I'd love to see some of the gizmos I used to play with when I was little - I can remember having a double-screen Donkey Kong (actually it was my sisters but was coveted by all of us in the family). Complete with squarish pixellated black iconic pictures. Did any of you out there have those "tennis" video/tv gamer things - a bit like an 1970s version of the playstation? We didn't have one, but gee it would have been cool if we did!

So record the ones you have now. With this!
Available at Zig Zag Scrap.

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