Monday, 14 September 2009
Aqua, Teal, Bazzill Whirlpool - Colour of the Moment!

I used to HATE the colour teal. I thought it neither a blue, nor a green. And I'm a black 'n white personality kinda gal. Either here, or there. No in between. But now ... Well, I just can't get enough of this colour.

Here are some colour schemes using variations of teal/aqua which I find really inspirational.

You can find more of these colour scheme swatches here.

And here are a few of my own layouts demonstrating my newfound love of this colour! Sorry if you've seen some of these before, I don't have much in my LO stash because the weather's been so glorious it's a crime to stay inside!

Also, my scrappy buddy Chantal has started her own blog. Check it out here. Congratulations Chantal!


Chantal Fleming said...

I love, love, love teal and am loving your LOs (as usual!). Wait until you play around with more LOs for Dana and your appreciation for Teal will grow even more - particularly when you mix it with musk pink and chocolate/caramel. And thanks for the link :)

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