Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Lots of Layouts, Little to Show!

Wow! I've been waiting and waiting to post stuff on here, but as it turns out, seven of my latest layouts have been accepted for magazine publication, and the rest of the stuff I've been doing (including playing all day with Kaisercraft's digi goodies) is embargoed until they publish it on their blog or website or magazine, Q3.


Things are really rolling along. Have designed this year's Christmas card - all digital again this year, as time's run out for hand-made. Doing it on the cheap by getting it printed 4x6 inch and writing on the back with my photo pen.

Usually do a Year-In-Review letter too. That's what makes it such a huge task! But since I've been keeping a 365 photo diary this year, the need doesn't feel as strong. I will summarise our update in terms of what each family member has done this year, but that's it. No 7-page newsletters this year! (Shhhh, I can hear your sighs of relief!) I just don't see the point of sending just a card to people whom I've not talked to throughout the year - I see Christmas Cards as the chance to catch up on everyone's families and I relish receiving more than just a simple "To Kathy, from (blah)". That's just pointless!

Here it is, and I wish you all a very merry holiday season!

Used Catscraps neautral background paper (the one they use on their blog header - so love the texture!), and the rest is from Oscraps' Paislee Press and Fei-Fei's Stuff. These shops are awesome. Individual and right up there in the quality department! Shaui is probably giving birth as we speak, so good luck to her & show her some love for STILL pumping out great products and pages so close to the arrival!

Here are some more layouts I've completed, although I will be sending them off for consideration in the Aussie mags too, so all you may get to see (if I'm lucky)  is an "Out for Publication" sign, sorry.

This was made using Kaisercraft's Bloom Mega Kit (marked down indefinitely - I bought it for $17 and thought it was good value! Now it's much cheaper!) and a template from Kitty Designs at Oscraps.

Really love this photo! In hindsight, I should have lifted the colouring and shadows on the left photo. But it's done now, so .... This was created using a mixture of supplies from Designerdigitals Michelle Martin, TaylorMade Designs, Lynne Marie at Catscraps, and AWall at 2littlepixels.

 This last one's my most favourite in a long time. Don't know what it is - maybe the colour scheme, maybe the very fun kit (Lynne Marie's Matilda) + extra's. Or maybe it's just that I've been working my bum off creating using specific supplies, and LOs from ONLY one kit, that I let myself "creatively splurge" on this one - this was for pure utter enjoyment and I LOVED IT! No restrictions. No rules. No deadlines. No specific criteria except my own - to just play and preserve a memory.

And I've never been able to use a bracketed die-cut paper successfully, soooooo, LOL!


kikimama said...

Hiya, love the look of the blog, and great LOs, congrats on getting so many published, I've not tried yet!

Brittney aka Milmomma said...

Love the christmas card. the b&w pics go great!

Katharyn said...

Thanks girls, you should have a go publishing your pages in the magazines - it's nice to recoup some of the money for more digi supplies, heeheehee!

Anonymous said...

love your pages using the kaisercraft digi kits - followed you here from their blog and i'm so in awe. thanks for sharing.

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