Tuesday, 9 March 2010
More Creative Team Success & What's Going On With Kaisercraft?

Just wanted to give y'all an update on how my quest to become a famous online creative designer is going .... ;p

I am now on three creative teams, all of them online shops that I'm very happy to be working with. I just love, love, love the new horizons this is opening up for me. And I have fellow scrapper Brittney Tinkey to thank for a lot of this - she has been busy sending off applications on my behalf, to a lot of her contacts. Thank You Brittney!  It feels like I've got an agent or something :D

So I have been creating new pages for e-scapeandscrap, although I don't officially start until my first "reveal" scheduled for March 28. But I couldn't wait to get stuck into their delicious goodies, so here are some of my first pages for them. My username is SkrappyKathy and you can check out my gallery here, which has all of the materials listed with links.

New Beginnings is just a layout about li'l ol' me and how exciting it is to be on creative teams. The journalling reads: "I have now reached my goal of getting onto a design team and creating wonderful pages with beautiful materials. And they are free! Gotta love THAT!"
Materials: Ruth Davis Put it in Your Pocket (denim pocket) ; Jeanne Maries Scraps Playtime Elements (tree and journalling frame); Paint Blogs (splatter); Sugar Loaded Cardstock; Julie Meade Keep You in Stitches (circle and cross stitching).

Feel Alive was made using an older collaboration kit, but I just love all the whimsy and summer colouring in it - this kit will never grow old! Materials: Collaboration papers Kit  BirdsBeesFlowersTrees kit, Collaboration elements Kit BirdsBeesFlowersTrees kit; Other: Jesse Edwards white background paper.

Guilty Pleasures is about playing under the sprinkler and on the trusty Slip n Slide when you know you are breaking the law because of water restrictions ....

Journalling reads: "I know I’ve said it before, but this is such a guilty, guilty, guilty pleasure nowadays! It used to be the way to cool off when I was a child - pools were not a common backyard event, although we did swim in the dam a lot (leaches, snakes and all!) But with water restrictions still at Level 3 permanently, it is a rare extravagance to let a lawn sprinkler go, let alone run the Slip n Slide! I pity what it will be like when you’re a mum Dana. Sprinklers might be obselete altogether!"

Materials: Collaboration papers Kit BirdsBeesFlowersTrees kit, Collaboration elements Kit BirdsBeesFlowersTrees kit; Other: Lynne Marie template; Anna Aspnes water droplets.

I've also just been accepted onto the Creative Team at SAS Designs - it's soooo cool. I will be playing with this kit as a starter - and then Sarah is such a prolific designer, she releases a new digital kit each week, so it's going to be busy and wonderful playing there!

This kit, called Argh!, is 25% off atm. That's $US3.75 - what's that convert to atm - about $4 AUS?  Dig in!

Watch out for my creations with this one, I've used the same username, SkrappyKathy, in their gallery.

And now Kaisercraft ... You may have noticed Kaiser has stopped creating new digital kits all of a sudden. They had been releasing one every week from October last year. The digital creative team (of which I am a member) had been participating in blog hops, digital tutorials, free layered templates and even a live chat and blog party (which crashed because it got so bombarded!) all the while enjoying brand new and innovative digi kits like Loire Valley, Bloom, Grunge, Flutterby, and Hideaway, to name only a few. 

Now Kaisercraft Digital has been placed in limbo while some restructuring goes on within the company, and apparently their digital line is not selling well enough. I'm told there are tentative plans to release a digital version of their paper scrap collections each month, after April 2010 some time. But nothing new will be created for their digital market.

(The rest of this article has been removed upon request of Kaisercraft.)


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