Tuesday, 20 April 2010
Scrap Room Makeover: The Before

Ok. This was the mess before. Totally honest photos. No photoshopping ;p

Ok. Just before I completely bare my soul here ... promise you'll not snicker. At least not where I can hear you. And remember, it's the BEFORE room. The after is much, much better.

Here goes nothing ...

The writing in the images has not translated into web size, so I've re-typed them beneath.

General Overview:

CONS: Wrong colour (to dark and uninspiriing for me - for this purpose.
             Busy flooring
             Ugly printer and technoarti is the first thing you see when you enter.
             Prime space dedicated to my traditional scrapbooking supplies, which are now rarely used.

CONS: Lots of space
            Central to family room, therefore easily accessible for quick posts (like this?? NOT!! lol)
            I like my 12 x 12 wooden frames to house recent layouts
            Like the idea of all the open shelving, especially right behind where I sit. But do I even
            use any of this stuff any more?

I’ve got lots of shelving, which is great. It took a lot of hunting to find this stuff at online auctions. I also like how my ribbons are sorted by colour in K-Mart shoe tidies, and likewise with my paints. Behind the cupboard doors is more shelving housing Bazzill cardstock and patterned papers sorted into manufacturers. In the foreground is my A3 printer, which was expensive, but very worthwhile. Especially when I was doing a lot more hybrid. I got it because it has 6 or 8 separate ink tanks (forgotton now) and Ali Edwards also had one and recommended it because it doesn’t dry up and seize when you fail to use it for 3 weeks (suited my erratic hybrid style). I figured it was my equivalent to a die-cutting machine (which I would never invest in!) To the left is a bag full of unfinished pages. Awaiting journalling, or glue, or just waiting to be resurrected.

My tins of word stickers, chipboard alphas, cards. In the middle is my pile of “stuff to be sorted” - includes printed layouts to be inserted into albums, material I want to re-cover my chair in (???) Dana’s specially-knitted jumpsuit made by my mum (awaiting scrapping in some kind of special memorabilia frame). Baskets are full of stuff I’ve made but have no use for and want to sell, or foam stamps, or my punches. OH! And that red folder with “supplies” written on it is a catalogue of all the digital supplies I’ve ever bought. I needed to start cataloguing them because I began buying stuff I had already bought a year ago (how embarrassing). When I like something, I usually um and ah, put it on a wishlist. Revisit the wishlist several times, before caving. It’s just that sometimes I don’t remember the caving bit and I cave again. Repeatedly ... Anywhoo ...

Stamps are sorted into text and picture/ image stamps. Rubber are housed in caddies. My clear stamps are housed in an A5 ring-binder from fficeworks. I also keep small items like buttons, borders, brads and inks in these caddies.

Inspiration cork board. Not much inspiration on there atm. It’s a neglected part of my scrap room that I’d like to re-energise.

My chipboard shapes are sorted into arrows, flowers/hearts, frames, scrolls, extra. I don’t know why I keep these, I don’t use them. But my thoughts originally were to keep them visible so I could be inspired to add them as a finishing touch on my hybrids. Next is my junk pile on the floor in the corner. It houses my terribly expensive heat tool 9aka old cruddy toaster). Broken desk light. My school memorabilia. Studff I need to purge (box) and stuff I haven’t unpacked from my last crop outing. Talk about disorganised .... HELP!

Well, here it is. The command centre. Central Station. The hub of it all. My desk. In all it’s embarrassing glory. Often so cluttered I can’t work without scraping something off the side ... Phone book out completing errands. Towel there because I’d been nursing baby guinea pigs on my lap. Goggles because I’d taken the kids swimming ...?? Bills folder on the seat, awaiting urgent attention. I hope you realise I feel like I’m bearing my soul here. This is where I like to spend my time. And it’s go darn messy. Haphazard. Disorganised.

But, hark! I hear change is acomin’ ....



danielle young said...

i can't wait to see the "after" photos! good for you for sharing the real & honest BEFORE pics!!

Brittney said...

Jeez girl. Pack it up and sell it. Then make it over again! Good luck on the change!

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