Sunday, 19 December 2010

Scrapbook Memories Magazine Masters!


I have just got my issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine and I've received two honourable mentions in the Masters competition! I'm so happy, because I spent ages upon ages working on my entries and the idea for my double-page layout came to me while I was stuck in hospital going through miscarriage complications. It distracted me to start planning something to work hard at, and for that I'm glad.

This is the double page entry: Wonder What Might Have Been?

It felt good to be working on a layout that was all-encompassing. Required a lot of thought, and planning, and I explored a lot of new techniques. So it was fun, if not a bit stressful (I can never seem to turn on my creative mojo when I'm stressed about rules to follow!) I holds a lot of heartfelt journalling, and I was a bit anxious to have it published at all.

This is my second honourable mention: So the Story Goes

This one also used a heap of supplies, but it was fun buying them!!! Most of the stuff is from The Lily Pad shop. Loved the puffy paint! I might try making some of that myself! It's about Harvey's first ride without training wheels. I loved scruffing up the photo to look like the rough gravel he was riding on.

If you want to see them up closer, I'll upload them into my picasa album (flashing slideshow near the top of the right blog column).

So congratulations to the new Masters, and I look forward to finding a lot of inspiration in your work for the next year! 


Helen said...

fantastic news Kathy! Merry Christmas!

Katharyn Brine said...

thanks Helen!! Right back atcha!

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