Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Release: Lifted Frames 5

Well, it's all happening and I'm really, really dying to get back into my normal routine. Only a few more weeks to go of my second design course and yet another designer competition, then I'm back to normal. I've received a few goodies in the mail too, since my last post, and I can't wait to share them with you! Eeeeek!

Here's what's new out today - two packs of frames.

The first pack has been made especially for Photoshop Elements users who cannot warp or bend their shadows. I've made a shadowless frame with light texture that you can use as is, or cover with your own patterned paper. I've also included a paper-flat shadow version and a lifted-corners version, so PSE users are completely covered! And if you want, say, the lifted corner shadow but have recovered the frame yourself, you can simply place the re-covered frame in the layer on top of the lifted frame and it will work.

The second pack is for those who would like a bit more control over their shadow (also easy to use in PSE) as it includes the shadows on separate layers which you can turn on and off to your liking. You can also play with the blending modes to create some awesome effects!

In each pack I've also included a few exclusive fasteners to attach your frames to your page. There is a spotty dotty tape piece, two buttons,  two cross stitches and a zig-zag stitch.

So, here you go!

Grab this {cheaper} pack here.

Grab this layered pack here.

As always, my new releases are 20 % off for the first few days.


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