Friday, 9 September 2011

Riding High on a Design Wave!

I've had a whirlwind of a time for the past 12 weeks participating in various design competitions, first for DigiScrapConnect's The Design Factor, then at DigiScrapAddicts Designer Apprentice.

In both competitions, industry stalwarts set up challenges for competitors to complete, like making a mini kit which meets certain characteristics, or making three alphas in a certain theme, or whatever. We needed to complete something every week, and omg, it was a hard slog by the 10th week! Designer Apprentice then had judges score your designs out of 20 (for quality, how well you followed the challenge brief, preview aesthetics, colour scheme and how well the kit content matched your theme. Now, I'm not usually a theme-specific designer, but this competition called for it! It stretched me in ways I never imagined, and when I signed up for it, I was so worried about how well I'd do and how public it would be if I failed!

But guess what? I WON!

Check out the complete scoreboard here.Challenge 5 was short a judge, so it was only out of 80. Woo hoo! Finally cracked 100%.

This field started off with  this many participants:
New Designers:
2 am Designs
3 Li'l Monsters Designs
Amanda & Millie Designs
Blue Heart Scraps
Bonnie Blou Designs
Brenda Neuberger Designs
Brine Design
Christina P
Damsel Designs
Digi Deborah's Designs
Digital Harmony
Digital Monsoon
Farynar's Wings
Foosa Moon Creations
Fran B
In The Small Things
Jellebelleke's Designs
Jennifer Z Designs
Julie Enriquez Designs
Kat Tankersley
Keep In Touch Designs
Kern's Kreations
Kim Hackworth
LadyBug Designs
Lilacs In Bloom
Made By Me Inspirations
MHK Scrap Bytes
Nirah's Designs
Ohana Designs
Pamla Klenczar
Paper Capers Designs
Paper Garden Projects
Penny H
Rhonda Sunflower Designs
Rumki Designs
Sherry Lynn
Star Traveller
Studio CinCo
Sunshine Artz
Sweet Sunshine Designs
Truman Studio
Whimzie by Lishi

So I've won some awesome prizes too;

1st Place:
A Wacom Bamboo Craft Tablet and Photoshop Elements
EBOOK: An Insider's Guide to Designing donated by WendyZine
1 year subscription to The Designer Studio by Amanda Rockwell
Guest spot at our sponsoring store ScrapMatters (time and duration of guest spot to be determined by store owner)
1 banner and 2 blinkies from Little Boxes Boutique
$25 coupon to Rachael's Scrap Store
$25 coupon to Scrap Matters
$20 coupon to Miss Tiina at SugarHillCo
$20 coupon to EyeInspire
$15 coupon to ThatGirl at SugarHillCo
$10 coupon to Andilynn Designs
$10 coupon to Chelle's Creations at ScrapOrchard
$10 coupon to WendyBird Designs at Brownie Scraps

Eeeeeek! Can't wait to see if the Bamboo tablet is better than my current one! And to go on a huge shopping spree, woo hoo! And the chance to design at ScrapMatters just blows me away!

Here are the entries I submitted:

Whew! Still trying to recover from such a slog! Well, that's it for the design competition wrap-up.  I am making all of these babies available in my shop very soon.


Jen of Quality DigiScrap Freebies said...

Congratulations on your win! It was very apparent early on, to me anyway, that you were going to place high. Your work is very tasteful, well executed and, well, professional...not surprised to see you get a design spot at a big store at all!

Katharyn Brine said...

oh gosh, you've just made my day big time Jen! Thank you so much!

Tammy said...

Congratulations! I really loved your entries! Your work is amazing. I was so bummed when I missed the elements to "Moving House" by 1 day :(

Anonymous said... SO totally rock, and I am also not surprised you won, and BOY HOWDY did you win!!! What a load of goodies!!

That is awesome you also get a Guest Spot at SM, how totally cool!!!

I'm really proud of you and happy for you~WAY TO GO!!!

♥ Becki aka Crazsquaw

libbywilko said...

You did so GREAT Katharyn... knew you going to do well... each week yours was the one to watch.

I thought you were better than a lot of the established designers in the other category!

So glad you got some great prizes! You deserved it.

Katharyn Brine said...

Tammy, send me your email address hun, and I'll get you some fresh links ...

EhKho said...


Anonymous said...

Great to see you've won!
Congratulations. You ROCK.
XoXo, ViVre

Petra said...

amazing accomplishment hon but I'm not surprised at all!! You're an amazing designer! Congrats on your well-deserved win! xoxo

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